Play winning wizardsThere is nothing good like playing counter strike with old friend after quite a long with all the chilled beer and stuff. That’s the kind of get together I have planned a few week before but eventually it turned out in to the gambling night. Even I enjoyed it a lot that’s why I am going to share some events from that get together night record.

The things started going another way, when one of our old friend teddy came in to the party, before that we were just having beer and talking about the college days streak and so on. And when he came with all that fancy car and gadget, everyone wondered that how the hell he made that so much money. And then he brings his IPad in to the arena and showed us some Australian slot that went top of everyone’s mind within some minutes and whose name was winning wizards. It is a wizard-themed video slot with 5-reel, 5-line and developed by Microgaming. It is one of the games that is appreciated by almost every gambler.

Play online winning wizardsAfter he introduced the game review, we all took out our mobile devices and started downloading the app and the best thing was that it can be played in both android and iPhone devices. After we downloaded the app he made us following him and led us and once after we get little savvy, we decided to play it on our own and with the real money. And to play with the real money we needed to but some credits , so or friend from Vegas arranged the free spin for all of us and I took some more time to play with the free spin and then went for the real money play and finally made some safe money out of it. And I think it doesn’t matter in the end that what we played or what we did, the thing that matter is that we had great fun together after a long time.