Everyone wants to reach the top position in his field. If you are an employee of a company then you dream of getting a seat in companies board of members. If you are a fitness freak then you want physique as Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you are in sports field then you follow your idol like whom you want to play. Like if you are a basketball player then want to become like Michael Jordan. Everybody wants to reach the height of his or her field. I also dreamt of becoming that big bird in front of my colleagues. I am running a consulting company which provides services to banks Australia. I was working very hard to reach that point, but my every application and every assessment was rejected by the company officials. I started thinking that I am running in a marathon where your officials select the winner.

My company announced a personality test for the company employees because appraisal time was coming near and they want to check the personality of employees to decide their promotion. I was preparing for it whole heartedly. That time I decided to become the head of the inventory. I was checking online for various test criteria’s and want to prepare accordingly. I was watching videos and reading articles related to online pokies real money board games. While I was reading all these I got an unintended link of a casino website. I was started feeling tired of all these and wants to make some change so I decided to play it. I clicked on that link and reached the website and the link featured me to a game named as Big 5. I don’t want to stake my money for a little fun I want to enjoy. So, I decided to try the free play options present there. I read the information present on the site and concerning the way of playing and the rules and regulations. That was just a simple and exciting game. I made my first bet of 10 coins and won that chance. After that, I started betting with maximum coins which I can bet that are 15 coins. In the whole chance, I played sometimes I won and sometimes lost but I was enjoying it very much. I got an amazing experience while playing on it instead of that messy competition of appraisal.